Management Services

Tailored to your Brand

We partner with clients to unlock incremental growth, leveraging our proprietary deep-data analytics, machine learning/automation, and our seasoned e-commerce team—including former Amazon insiders.

Why iDerive is Different

Amazon Ad Agencies are Great... Until They’re Not.

Amazon brands frequently choose agencies that prioritize one-sided metrics or goals, such as ROAS or ACOS, operating by a predetermined budget and not a plan for incremental growth. Clients eventually realize that while hitting KPIs, the competition is still capturing market share and brand growth is stagnating. That’s when they turn to iDerive.

"We go beyond ACOS and ROAS, focusing on the drivers of long-term growth and organic rank."
Harriet Carson
VP of Media

The iDerive Formula

Reengineering Brand Strategy to Chart Consistent Profitable Growth

What enables our growth strategy to succeed is the utilization of our proprietary tools through our internally developed SaaS platform. These tools provide in-depth insights at both the campaign and product levels, allowing our skilled team of media experts and former Amazon insiders to identify precisely which strategies to employ to enhance profitability and optimize key outcomes.


Explore the market competition/category dynamics, leverage current ad data, discover new keywords, and establish objectives for products, campaigns, and targeting. Allocate budgets based on growth potential and profit margins.


Revamp campaigns with a focus on exact match strategies. Use auto, phrase, and broad match for keyword discovery only. Concentrate on individual ASINs for targeting, especially hero ASINs. Convert research findings into actionable insights by tapping into historical data.


Enhance performance with a combination of machine learning, human oversight, and data-driven strategies such as dayparting and campaign automation. Avoid the ‘set it and forget it’ mindset and instead prioritize campaign efficiency, share of voice (SOV), and incremental gains.

Our Management Services

Tailored Services for Small to Enterprise-Level Clients

We offer a range of services catering to brands seeking data-smart strategies that unlock consistent incremental growth. In cut-throat competition, you need brains and braun to stay ahead. We’re happy to speak with you to discuss your challenges, and find a tailored solution that fits your growth goals.

Ad Audit

Analyze current advertising strategies and performance, with a full report of wasted ad spend, untapped opportunities, and more.

Strategy & Implementation

  • Campaign implementation, optimization & reporting
  • Custom ad strategy to establish and hit meaningful KPIs
  • Regular call cadence to review ad performance

Advanced Tools & Techniques

  • Access to iDerive’s proprietary ad reports
  • Machine learning + human touch = maximum efficiency

Media Management

Best-in-class advertising audits and full-scope Amazon advertising management. We deliver the results you wish your current agency delivered.

Ad Strategy Assessment

  • Review current ad strategy

Optimization & Efficacy

  • Identify net new target opportunities & wasted spend
  • Provide recommendations on where to reinvest
  • Review campaign setup, segmentation, keyword/product targeting
  • Suggest ideal structure for clients to achieve target KPIs

Data Analysis & Market Position

  • Analyzing historical data
  • Suggesting ways to improve clients’ share of voice & market share

Full Service

Holistic approach to Amazon advertising:

  • End-to-End Service: No more juggling between strategy and execution—our team ensures a seamless integration of both.
  • Analytics-First Approach: Benefit from in-depth reporting, key performance indicators, and targeted growth goals. Our advanced data platform guarantees insights that drive results.
  • Outperform Your Rivals: Harness the power of data and let it transform your advertising game.
  • Specialized in Amazon’s Tools: Sponsored Ads (Products, Brands, and Display), DSP (Demand Side Platform); and AMC (Amazon Marketing Cloud) with Custom Queries.

Vendor Fee Recovery Automation

Our automated service seamlessly identifies and resolves costly Amazon co-op charges:

  • Recover ~2% of your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • No upfront costs
  • You get paid first
  • Competitive Rate on Recovered Funds

Our Integrations

Sales and Marketing Channel/Pipeline Integrations

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