Data into Success.

With decades of experience, our team of experts are dedicated to empowering brands by harnessing, interpreting, and transforming real-time data into measurable success. Get to know us and discover how we can help elevate your business efficiencies by seamlessly turning valuable insights into impactful actions.

Built by Experts

Our team of operators, ad managers, and analytics gurus saw the flaws in data platforms and built our own. iDerive consolidates channels and data sources into a centralized warehouse, providing a real-time, unified truth for your business. Understand data effortlessly, make quick decisions, and receive end-to- end recommendations that turn insights into action. Experience the power of data-driven success with iDerive. Your business deserves it.


Our Clients First

Our mission at iDerive, is to revolutionize the business world as the go-to platform for data analytics. Our innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology empower organizations of all sizes to unlock their data’s full value, driving success and growth. With a people- centered approach, we prioritize honesty, transparency, and accountability, always putting our clients first. As passionate problem solvers, we strive to be the preferred partner for organizations thriving in the digital economy.

Makes iDerive Happen

Core Leadership

Youval Peltier


Analytics Leader with expertise in the realm of omni-channel Media, Ecommerce and Business Intelligence. Focused on empowering Brands to efficiently derive insights through their Data and reclaim the narrative previously established ad platforms.

Jason Yau

VP, Product

Former Head of Data Science for Instagram Shopping-Retargeting Ads, with 15+ years of E-commerce experience across companies ranging from $5-250M in revenue.

Andrew Tookey

VP of eCommerce

During Andrew’s 10-year tenure at Amazon, he launched numerous successful B2B products, including Fulfillment by Amazon, resulting in over $1 billion in total revenue from vendor and seller collaborations as well as numerous Brand Analytics tools. 

Amazon & E-Commerce Experts ​

Jon Poff

Dir, Client Relations

Analytics Leader with expertise in the realm of Media, Ecommerce and Business Intelligence. Focused on empowering Brands to efficiently derive insights through their Data. Expertise: Out-of-the-box thinking and goat wrestling.

Crane Chantre

Amazon Advisor

E-commerce professional with 20 years experience with market leaders including Amazon, Expedia, and Expertise: Amazon Seller growth and development, SEO and strategic Seller planning.

Geydis Cedeño​

Dir, Client Success

Sr. Advisor with 5+ years at Amazon leading multiple initiatives to identity, qualify, acquire and develop resellers, brand owners and manufactures. Expertise in international market growth strategy.

Product Development, Marketing, ​ & Account Management

Harriet Carson

VP, Media

James DiPaolo​

Dir, Marketing

Kory Paulsen​

Sr. Software Engineer

Tal Polany

VP, App Development

Brandon Gibbs

Client Engagement Lead

Pablo Van Winkle​

Sr. Data Engineer​

Erica Charles

Business Ops Manager​

Uday Signh​

Data Scientist​

Catalin Dragu​

Data Engineer

Our Values

At iDerive, we believe that values form the foundation of a thriving, purpose-driven company.
They guide our decision-making, inform our strategies, and define our relationships. They unite us as a team and keep us striving for excellence.


Trailblazing Innovation: We don’t just use innovation; we pioneer it. We’re tackling the eCommerce world’s biggest challenges head-on with data-driven, trailblazing solutions that redefine industry norms.


Revolutionary Service: We are not just service providers; we are industry revolutionaries. Our top-tier solutions and services aren’t just about retention; they redefine customer expectations and set new standards for excellence in eCommerce.


Authentic Transparency: We operate with unwavering openness and honesty, forging an environment of trust and accountability. We believe that genuine transparency isn’t just about communication, it’s about nurturing a culture where everyone has a clear view of our shared goals and progress.


Empowered People: We’re more than a great workplace; we’re a launchpad for personal and professional growth. We’re dedicated to cultivating a work culture where individuals aren’t just inspired to be their best but are provided with the opportunities and resources to consistently break their own boundaries.


Collaborative Triumphs: We believe that real teamwork is about embracing challenges, not shying away from them. We celebrate the power of collective intelligence and the strength of diverse perspectives. For us, winning together isn’t just about success—it’s about growing, learning, and transforming together, even when it takes us out of our comfort zones.

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