Analytics Platform as a Service

with Strategic Media & Brand Management

Your Amazon, Walmart, DTC and Beyond
eCommerce Growth Partner

Our advanced data-analytics platform and experienced e-commerce team unlock insights that drive profitable growth for Amazon brands.

Our Differentiation

Deep Data Insights + Expert Guidance

Formed by Amazon and agency veterans who built 8-figure brands, iDerive offers an Omnichannel analytics SaaS platform complemented by brand-tailored services. We simplify complex Amazon data through intelligent automation to help you understand performance drivers, boost sales, cut costs, and drive profitability.

We’re not just a tool but a strategic partner offering brands critical services such as account audits, media management, full-service brand management, and vendor fee recovery.

Incremental Growth

We prioritize incremental growth, ensuring sales/media performance is accurately measured.

Speed to Insight

Our real-time platform empowers decisions, enhancing market positioning for businesses.

Data Science Scales Amazon

We are a data science team using recombinant analysis to output actionable insights to scale profitably.

100% Proprietary Platform

Pioneers in advanced Amazon insights, saving countless hours of manual processing of data/visuals.

Deep Insider Knowledge

Our team has experience in E-commerce, Data Science, and Brand Management, with veteran Amazon insiders.

Automated Machine Learning

iDerive clients benefit from AI/MML data processing for sales, ads, and inventory forecasts.

Our Platform

Advanced Data.

Actionable Insights.

Aggregate sales and marketing data with unbeatable scale, speed, and precision, delivering insights into growth your competition only wishes they had.


Sync in all your important data for non-deprecating storage.

No more waiting days for meaningful insights. Get them now.

View data that way you understand to enable swifter decision making

Platform Features

We go in depth. So you can elevate.

Our proprietary platform leverages data science and extensive insider Amazon experience to deliver actionable insights on category performance, search term saturation, customer value, product sales drivers, and much more. Are you ready to unlock your brand’s full potential?


Advanced KPIs & Performance Drivers

Get instant reads on BuyBox %, In-Stock statuses, Pricing, Traffic, Sales from Ads, Sales Velocity, as well as breakdowns on sales variance—the external/internal factors impacting your product growth.


Understand New and Recurring Customer Value.

iDerive LTV models capture ASIN-level acquisition costs and lifetime value using both an acquisition month in a time-bound cohort and a product-level view. This helps brands understand which products are playing crucial roles in their product ecosystem.


Dominate the Competition. Dominate the Category.

Understand your category dynamics, external/internal performance drivers, and conduct reverse ASIN and search term research to optimize media targeting to your highest value products. Dominate your category with the most competitive data possible.


Master Your Finances and Operations.

Whether its P&L trend analysis, Amazon cost breakdowns, or ASIN-specific performance—get instant access to the crucial financial aspects of your business to optimize costs and boost margins.


Gain an Omni-channel view of Amazon, DTC, and more.

Seamlessly consolidate all your sales channel and ad data into one data warehouse. Understand where to focus your efforts across the board.

Our Integrations

Sales and Marketing Channel/Pipeline Integrations


Save Time and Money. Grow more Profitability.

Performance Optimization

Gain competitive advantage through unique optimization opportunities established by the most comprehensive & advanced analytical framework available


Align & optimize your media strategy against your intended goal of incremental sales from new to brand while reducing any cannibalistic dynamics 

category Dynamics

Take full advantage of evolving market dynamics through our real-time  intelligent monitoring capability & recommendation engine



Ability to evaluate the most granular  keyword level at the contribution margin level and across specified LTV ROI time-span 

Measure omni-channel impact

Gain granular understanding of your omni-channel activations onto your Amazon performance, D2C and retail performance

Accurate Demand Planning

Leverage the latest and most accurate product level forecasts encompassing that leverage real-time market, spend, competitive & inventory dynamics

Product Organic & Category Rank

Gain insight into the most efficient ranking opportunities& capture incremental market share. Identify & address in real time any slippage in market position

Forecasting & Prediction

Forecast & predictive models that continuously adapt to latest market dynamics

Understand Customers’ Behavior

Identify  & target your most profitable client base and micro-audiences  by gaining visibility into segmented LTVs & behavioral attributes

Data Warehouse Enablement

Retain all your historical data at the most granular level

Customized AI enablement

Instantly leverage AI to identify, learn and take advantage of performance dynamics insights and opportunities 

Data History and trends

Always easily visualize your business trends & dynamics from highest to most granular level

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Our Managed Services

Expert Services Tailored to Your Brand’s Success.

Explore our comprehensive suite of services tailored for brands aiming to implement data-driven strategies for sustainable and measurable growth.

Advertising Audit

Analyze current advertising strategies and performance. Create a full report of wasted ad spend, untapped opportunities, and more.

Media Management

Management of Sponsored and Demand Side Platform (DSP) ad campaigns.

Vendor Fee Recovery

Recover 2% (avg) of COGS due to Amazon overbillings over the last two years. You get paid before we do. Competitive rates.

Fully Managed Services

Comprehensive store and ad management, including Amazon Sponsored Ads, DSP, and AMC.

VP, eCommerce

(10+ Years at Amazon)


Our Secret Sauce

Our team of expert e-commerce operators hail from tech giants including Meta and Amazon. With combined knowledge across operations, media, finance, and marketing, they deliver to clients data-backed solutions that scale growth.

Want to Learn More?

Chat with us for 15 minutes to discover how iDerive uses data-driven strategies to boost your brand’s long-term growth. What are you waiting for?

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